Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meet the Cast

If you're already here, you probably know us. We're a couple of nerds who are jumping on this blog thing pretty late, but here we are nonetheless. Despite our nerdiness we try not to be too flaky, but we don't always keep in touch with the world at large as well as we'd like. Hopefully this blog can help us stay in touch with all of you who we miss, and those of you we do see, but who just like to spy on your family and know who you are.

To the rest of the world:

Josh: engineer in Colorado. Enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic hot wing dinners...romantic because he lights a candle of course.

Lisa: med student in Colorado. Riding the gravy train for now so Josh can ride it later. Enjoys nerding out loud and making the dog wear her college t-shirts.

Butthead: aka Rocky. Enjoys wearing college t-shirts. Josh disagrees, but Rocky doesn't. Reminds Lisa of a baby without a diaper, minus the crying.

Based on the fact that we sat on the couch staring off into space when Lisa asked "so, what should we write?" it seems we don't have a lot of exciting anecdotes to add. But, Lisa's adding this picture on Rocky's behalf, you decide if he likes it....


Abby said...

I'm voting that he likes wearing anything that says Mines Chemistry or Pi Beta Phi.

Tim & Dara said...

I remember that looks cute on him!