Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

Gotta love 'em. And this one in particular. Josh made us another great breakfast and now we're both sitting on the couch drinking our coffee. Josh is busy reading Small Favor by Jim Butcher. We both absolutely love the Dresden Files, and this is the newest one in the series. I won't read it until my next exam is over in two weeks, but watching how much Josh loves it is making me very excited to read it.

For me, I'm just blogging away and watching the Food Network on tv. I love Everyday Italian, but seeing as she just made fried donuts covered in chocolate and sugar, I seriously doubt she actually eats anything she makes...

Last night we went to the symphony in Denver with Josh's fam. It was a really great show! And before we went we stopped at Bonnie Brae's pizza near DU. They have awesome pizza and cheap beer, couldn't ask for more!

And, of course, the best news ever..... The Avs are moving on in the playoffs!!! Woohoo!

That news might only be second to the fact that Denver is, in fact, the Napa of beers. I think we always knew it, but it makes me want to keep my fridge stocked with all the area's offerings. I am also thinking we need to start planning a beer tour of the front range. Anyone who's interested, get in touch! And check out this article to read about Colorado's awesome beer country!

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The Lewis' said...

So I just have to say that I too love Everyday Italian and I love to use her recipes at home. My favorite is her lasagna Rolls- soo good! And the next time we are in town and have free time we are so down for the beer tour!! Miss you guys.
PS Sonny is with you on the hocky. Go Aves!