Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As Medicine Girl so eloquently put it, I like the idea of a montly family blog. Apparently I do. But it gives me lots of things to write about when I finally do get around to it. The fourth of July weekend was a really eventful one for us. We started it out early on the 2nd when we went to a Rocky's game courtesy of one of Josh's co-workers. They were great seats, and we even relived the college days a bit in the parking lot before the game. We had our own version of a tailgate party.
The game was great, and so were the seats! We don't often get to sit in the club level! The food is a lot better up there, but I only was really interested in the beer. Dr. Cohen, my immunology professor, raved about Dale's Pale Ale, and went so far as to give one of my classmates a can on their birthday during class. So I was intrigued. Turns out they sell it at the game and I picked one up!

Josh and I split one and we both liked it. It's really hoppy though, and bitter, so if you like your beer super smooth, it's probably not for you. We did like it enough to buy a case of our own though..

The Rockies ended up winning. And that was great, especially the next day when we got 4 tacos for a dollar!

On the actual 4th of July Josh and I started out the day on a loooooooooong bike ride. We took off down the Cherry Creek trail with the intention of getting to the mall and enjoying a drink al fresco before coming home. Well, the trail isn't very well marked and so we ended up pretty much all over the place. All told, I think we went over 20 miles on our mountain bikes. By the time it was done I was pretty tired, but I was glad we took the time to get in such a good work out.

Josh's sister Jordan threw a 4th of July party at her boyfriend's loft, which has a great view of Coors Field downtown. Jordan and Tom cooked up a barbeque and we spent the day hanging around. We all drove up together, which meant Rocky had to fit in too:

Tom had the coolest ice cube tray. It made shot glasses. Nothing tastes better (as far as hard alcohol goes) than a really ice cold shot. If it's not cold, it's just gross. And this little guys did the trick!

After a while Josh's brother Joe, his wife Debbie, and his dad Duane left to go to the Rockies game. Tom's is close enough that we could actually see them in their seats!

After a while we got tired of sitting around so we went for a walk to this really cool creamery that's just down the street from Tom's place. Josh got this great mexican chocolate flavor that was really delicious. And Rocky wished he could have some too

One thing Rocky did have is a friend. Tom has a boxer named Micky, and so we introduced the two. They hit it off pretty well, though I could just see Rocky thinking "I'm too old for this s!$&" while Micky kept pouncing and pouncing on him. Eventually they calmed down enough for us to snap a shot of them together.

Later that night we watched the fireworks and headed back to A-town for some rest. We had big plans for the breweries in Fort Collins on Saturday, but ended up at the Southlands Farmers market. That was pretty fun too, and we got some delicious veggies, and honey sticks. That night I got some terrible news. My grandfather passed away on July 5th. Josh and I quickly got some tickets on priceline and managed to get back to Fargo on Monday night.

I was really happy that I was able to be there for my fam and was able to read a poem my Grandma picked for the funeral. We took a lot of pictures from my grandparents farm. A few that I particularly liked:

Although the tone of the trip was sad, there were times of fun as well. My parents have a Wii and we spent a whole bunch of time playing with it. The best was when everyone was boxing!

Josh pretty much beat everyone. Over and over. Probalby more fun for him than us, but it was a good time.
Well, I think this has been a long enough post for now, but I will definitely post this weekend when we get our new puppy! That's right, Rocky's going to be a big brother! After seeing Tom's and Dara and Tim's boxers, we decided that's the next breed for us. So we found Tom's breeder and Mugsy will be coming to our place tomorrow night! I'm sure there will be many more pictures to add after he's here!

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